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Pervasive Datacenter Architecture

Our Pervasive Data Center Architecture (PDx®) is more than just a proven methodology; it's a blueprint for the data-powered era. PDx® optimizes data exchange, enabling distributed infrastructure to remove Data Gravity barriers and accommodate Al-intensive workflows.


Transform your data strategy for the data economy.

In the age of Data Gravity and AI-driven demands, businesses need a new architecture coupled with a methodology that optimizes data exchange. PDx® accomplishes this, enabling workflows at global points of presence.

Implement a data-centric strategy

Data is the key driver for innovation, growth, and competitive edge in the data economy. Harnessing it is critical.


Defy Data Gravity

Your data is exploding and weighing your legacy infrastructure down. Your IT infrastructure won’t be AI-ready until it's optimized for efficient data exchange.


Adopt AI-ready IT architecture

Businesses must enable platform growth focusing on four strategic IT priorities: Work, Cloud, Data, and AI. These priorities are supported by the four Digital Foundations: Network, Security,  Compute, and Data.


The PDx® framework

Our proven methodology provides cost savings through simplifying operations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and enhancing security and user experience through real-time intelligence.

1. Plan

Plan distributed workflows at business points of presence requiring centers of data exchange.   

2. Identify

Identify the users, applications, data, and things that will participate in distributed workflows. 

3. Map

Map workload types with performance attributes required to support participants in distributed workflows. 

4. Deploy

Deploy footprints tailored to specific workflow profiles and workload attributes, connecting participants at centers of data exchange, and enabling distributed workflows.

Enable data and Al-ready architecture with PDx®

Digital transformation generated a data-powered economy, propelling an explosive growth in data. To be truly AI-ready, your platform growth requires digital infrastructure built on four key IT foundations:


Implement a network foundation that seamlessly connects data, users, and applications. This lowers latency, streamlines networks, and connects everything from cloud to edge, ensuring your data flows efficiently.


Integrate a security foundation that enhances global protection and control in a distributed setup. This ensures robust ingress/egress points, integrated IT and security, and strengthens your security posture.


Adopt a data foundation that centralizes handling at global business centers. This enhances your data exchange and real-time insights and ensures secure data flows for new opportunities.


Employing secure Hybrid IT architecture enables efficient transactions, processing, and advanced analytics. Your compute capabilities are boosted, and processing is scalable.

PDx® works for your industry

Your blueprint for the data economy

Our IT architecture is designed to defy Data Gravity and enable AI-ready IT infrastructure, paving the way for transformative growth and innovation across all sectors. Discover how our approach integrates with AI initiatives to unlock new opportunities.


Global solutions for any use case


Harness the power of AI with PDx

Remove Data Gravity barriers and optimize for data exchange by combining PDx with a proven IT strategy. This eBook guides you through creating AI-ready, data-centric infrastructure to tackle modern IT challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Accelerate your growth 

Unlock your data’s true potential with PlatformDIGITAL®

PlatformDIGITAL® supports your global footprint with data center coverage, capacity, connectivity, and control. It's a global platform with local expertise.