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Fidesmo Enhances Data Security With Colocated Data Centers

Swedish technology company, Fidesmo, provides an all-in-one platform to enable secure, seamless integrations between contactless service providers and secure elements that exist in all mobile devices and payment cards. Findesmo originally embarked on a cloud-first digital strategy but needed to rethink this approach in order to meet the enhanced security, compliance and regulatory needs of its world-leading customer base.

We chose Interxion as a partner based mainly on its offering of premium, on-premise site security – an important proof point for our customers. However, its tailored approach was another key factor. Interxion adapted its solution to fit our needs - with data centres in Stockholm and other important cities around the globe, we can duplicate the protocols and structure we have in Stockholm and apply them to other markets.

Mattias Eld , CEO of Fidesmo

This case study covers how Fidesmo needed secure data center management for sensitive data that was compliant with the regulations for global cloud-based transactions. This solution also needed to be scalable for accelerated customer growth. By using Interxion’s PlatformDIGITAL® Control Hub they were able to meet all of their goals with the additional benefits of standardized policies for data management across the entire IT infrastructure as well as tailored deployment compliant with certified security standards and protocols.

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.