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Magnet Attracts Customers, Interxion Helps Them Stick

Business telecoms and broadband provider,, needed a data center operator that delivered high connectivity in a well-managed hosting facility. But more than a partner, the company needed reassurance that it could meet all commitments made to its customers well into the future.

I would definitely describe them as up there with the best in class: they are leaders in the data center environment.

James Canty , Product and Pre-sales Manager with Magnet Networks

Magnet is one of four nominated providers for the Irish Government. However, its diverse range of services meant it needed a data infrastructure that could scale along with the company’s future growth.

So, when the company was evaluating data center providers around Dublin, Interxion’s offer quickly stood out. Now, five years later, the services provided by Interxion directly impact the company’s bottom line.

Read the case study to learn how Interxion keeps Magnet future-proof in the face of its ever-increasing bandwidth requirements and new services.

*This content was originally published by Interxion - A Digital Realty Company.